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Recycle your plastic pots, tubs and trays

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As of Wednesday 1 April, your household pots, tubs and trays will be accepted in your regular household recycling collections across West Sussex. Items which can be accepted include:

  • Milk and drinks bottles;
  • Bathroom bottles;
  • Laundry/detergent bottles & tubs;
  • Yoghurt, cream & soup pots;
  • Ice cream & margarine tubs;
  • Cosmetic pots & tubs;
  • Food & ready meal trays;
  • Fruit & vegetable punnets; and
  • Plastic container lids (such as those used on coffee jars).

But there are still a few plastic items that can’t accepted; these include:

  • Plastic carrier bags & plastic film;
  • Expanded polystyrene;
  • Plant pots & seed trays;
  • Plastic toys; and
  • Plastic furniture.

Pots tubs and trays