Cowfold Parish Council

Planning Report – June 2023

1. Received plans:


Application Number



Comments by Parish Council


Brownings Farm, Granary Cottage, Station Road

Creation of an all weather equestrian arena.

Cowfold Parish Council makes a Neutral response in respect of this planning application until the issues identified in respect of a possible habitat for Great Crested Newts and Public Rights of Way are satisfactorily resolved.


Bracora, Henfield Road

Surgery to 1 x Oak Tree.

Cowfold Parish Council supports this planning application for remedial tree surgery. The condition of the oak tree to be further reviewed in the summer of 2025.


Delspride, Kent Street

Prior notification for change of use of agricultural building to 3 dwelling houses.

Cowfold Parish Council reiterates the objections made against the previous planning application (DC/22/1579), dated 13 September 2022. Highlighting, in addition, the Parish Council's wider concerns over the alteration of agricultural buildings to residential dwellings within the parish.


Cabin at Aglands Farm, Picts Lane

 Retention of an agricultural workers cabin granted under DC/19/2019.

Cowfold Parish Council makes a neutral return in respect of this retrospective planning application. Querying the receipt of the associated Water Neutrality Statement and same day validation date(s). Also, as the planning application was submitted on 19/10/2022 why has this planning application has not be submitted to the Parish Council prior to the June 2023 meeting? The previous, historic planning application (DC/19/2019) is no longer viewable on HDC's website, referring immediately to the current application DC/22/1984.


Brookhill Cottage, Horsham Road

 Repair and maintenance of pond with hardstanding and access (retrospective).



Lot 1, Delspride, Kent Street

 Erection of 2 stable blocks and hardstanding.

Cowfold Parish Council makes a neutral return in respect of this retrospective planning application. However, querying the provision of advice provided by Mr. Reg Hawkes of HDC's planning team without consultation with the Parish Council.


2. Results:


Application Number





 45 Barleycroft

Erection of a detached bungalow. DISC/23/0056 | Approval of details reserved by condition 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 to approved application DC/21/2584.



Gervaise Cottage, Station Road

Erection of two single storey extensions.



 Trenchmore Farm, Burnthouse Lane

Prior notification for the erection of a side extension to an existing agricultural general purpose building.

Prior Approval Not Required