Cowfold Parish Council

Planning Report – December 2021

1. Received plans:


Application Number



Comments by Parish Council


The Bull Pen, Eastlands Lane

Erection of a single storey side extension.

Cowfold Parish Council has no issues with this planning application.


Bracora, Henfield Road

Surgery to 1 Oak Tree.

Cowfold Parish Council accepts the advice of the tree surgeon provided in association with this planning application.


45 Barleycroft

 Erection of detached bungalow.

Cowfold Parish Council objects to this planning application as it believes the footprint of the extant property is not suitable to accommodate a second separate domicile. The erection of a two storey property is not in keeping with the immediate environment and will, in several cases, be overly proximate to the boundaries of two other extant dwellings, not including number 45 Barleycroft. Concerns have been raised by local residents, including the accuracy of the boundary lines given in the planning application, which also indicates work has already commenced, although no start date has been included.


Olde House, The Street

Retrospective application to repair and conversion of existing outbuilding including new link infill and internal alterations, new first floor window to west elevation, new door to north elevation and new brick wall within courtyard.  Rebuild of property’s stable roof. (Listed Building Consent)

Whilst taking a neutral stance in respect of DC/21/2247 Cowfold Parish Council wishes to register its dissatisfaction with the increasing number of retrospective planning applications being made locally, sometimes conflating extant build with additional modifications. The Parish Council strongly reiterates the need for prior planning application(s) before any additional or remodelling building work is undertaken.


1 Station Road

 Outline application for the creation of a single dwelling with all matters reserved.



 Bulls Bridge House, Henfield Road

Erection of two storey front, single storey side porch and a single storey rear extension.

Cowfold Parish Council has no issues with this planning application.


2. Results:


Application Number





West Barn, Brownings Farm Station Road

Erection of a single storey side/rear extension



Capons Farm, Station Road

Internal alterations to facilitate the enlargement and remodelling of the kitchen with associated external changes to the southern elevation and internal works (Listed Building Consent)



12 Thornden

Erection of a single storey rear extension with roof terrace above



Conies Farm, Maplehurst Road, West Grinstead

Prior notification for the erection of an agricultural barn for the storage of machinery, hay and straw.

Prior Approval Not Required