Neighbourhood Planning

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A Neighbourhood Plan is a legal framework that can set out the shape of our community for the foreseeable future.

Areas that can be covered include:

  • Housing: quantity, type, location
  • Local Infrastructure: including Schools and Medical services
  • Transport: roads and traffic measures, footpaths and cycleways
  • Community: green spaces, activities and amenities.
  • Environment: air quality, noise, cleanliness
  • Economy: employment and economic structure.

The Neighbourhood Plan will be based on your feedback so that it reflects the needs of the Community and balances those with the needs of the District and County Councils.

This questionnaire is based on those circulated at the Cowfold Annual fete and is your opportunity to shape the future of our Community.

The Results of Previous Questionnaires

A summary of the feedback provided in the surveys conducted in 2016 and 2017 are summarised below:

A more detailed analysis is presented here.

To ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan reflects the views of our community we need to define our Vision and Objectives. The first draft of these, based on initial feedback collected are shown below:


Maintain the village atmosphere and sense of Community that make Cowfold a desirable place to live. Keep housing integrated within the village and balanced to meet current and future needs by ensuring that any development is sustainable and is in balance with the available infrastructure. Enhance the benefits of our rural location with its services, facilities, amenities and activities.


  • Keep the village feel and atmosphere, enhance Cowfold as a village recognising its place within the district settlement hierarchy
  • Maintain and grow the sense of Community and Community Spirit
  • Ensure that there is sufficient green space to maintain the look and feel of the village, specifically; the village green, playing fields and children’s play spaces
  • Support sympathetic development to provide appropriate housing, integrated within the village, to balance the needs of the community with the Horsham District Planning Framework
  • Reduce the impact of traffic and associated air quality and parking issues
  • Ensure all sections of the Community have access to medical facilities, primary education, pub, places of worship, sporting facilities, cultural activities and village shop/post office; support the growth of local facilities ensuring balance and sustainability, using existing empty buildings where possible
  • Recognise and build on the benefits of the rural location; Cowfold enjoys a great network of country footpaths and is surrounded by woodland and open farmland
  • Support the enhancement of public transport connections to urban centres and places of work/education/medical facilities and the wider public transport system
  • Improve road crossings, footpaths and cycleways to provide better connections to places of work and adjoining communities improving safety for all residents.


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The main time window for entries has now closed so that we can analyse the data and produce some initial results. However, the questionnaire is being kept open for completion – any new responses will be added to the database and so are still very valuable!

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