Finalised Vision & Objectives


The draft Vision and Objectives were derived from the questionnaires completed at the Cowfold annual fétes in July 2016 and July 2017.

The  drafts were then incorporated into the questionnaire delivered to each house in the Parish during late October and early November with an invitation for comments and suggestions.

The finalised version, incorporating appropriate feedback received, is published below and will be used as a starting point for the Neighbourhood Plan Policy Aspirations.


Maintain the village atmosphere and sense of community that make Cowfold a desirable place to live. Keep housing integrated within the village and balanced to meet current and future needs, ensuring that any development is sustainable, is in balance with the available infrastructure and the needs of the existing community. Enhance the benefits of our rural location with its services, facilities, amenities and activities. Create an environment that reduces the impact of traffic focusing on the health of residents and safety of pedestrians and cyclists.


  • Keep the village feel and atmosphere, enhance Cowfold as a village recognising its place within the district settlement hierarchy. Create a Village Centre Focal point.
  • Prioritise the reduction and impact of traffic volume and speed together with the associated air quality and parking issues.
  • Improve road crossings, footpaths and cycleways to provide better connections to places of work and adjoining communities with a focus on safety for all residents.
  • Maintain and grow the sense of Community and Community Spirit.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient green space to enhance the look and feel of the village. Specifically; the village green, playing fields and children’s play spaces.
  • Support sympathetic development to provide appropriate housing, integrated within the village, to balance the needs of the community with the Horsham District Planning Framework.
  • Ensure all sections of the Community have access to medical facilities, primary education, pub, place of worship, sporting amenities, cultural activities and village shop/post office.
  • Support the growth of local facilities ensuring balance and sustainability, using existing empty buildings where possible.
  • Recognise and build on the benefits of the rural location; Cowfold enjoys a great network of country footpaths and is surrounded by woodland and open farmland.
  • Support the enhancement of public transport connections to urban centres and places of work/education/medical facilities and the wider public transport system.
  • Support improved Mobile & Broadband connections and ensure Youth Facilities meet the needs of the Community.