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Making Use of Your Bus Pass – walking with the bus from Lower Beeding

stagecoach busThis walk starts near the Cisswood Hotel in Lower Beeding. As it is a one-way walk (unless you are feeling exceptionally ener­getic!), it is best to take the Horsham (no 17) bus up to the start and walk back to Cowfold along the footpaths.

The walk is almost completely down hill and provides some stunning views over the surrounding countryside, much of which is invisible from a car on the A281. The walk is about 6km (4 miles) and is normally dry, although not suitable for buggies. At a family saunter, it will take about two and a half hours. Look out for carved owls and friendly cats.

(1) To start, catch the bus to Horsham from Cowfold and get off opposite the Cisswood Hotel in Lower Beeding. Stay on the bus stop side of the road and turn with your back to Horsham; walk back a short way towards Cowfold and you will find a footpath sign in the hedge on your right. Go through the hedge, over a stile and a plank bridge into a field. Turn right along the field edge passing a dead tree (beware of nettles in the nettle season).

(2) Heading for Newells Lane, pass what looks like an old pond or swimming pool on your left and go straight on at a two-way sign between hedges along a farm track. Turn right at a two-way sign and right again with a gate on your left at another two-way sign. Go over the stile at the gate into Newells Lane and turn left.

(3) Walk along Newells Lane for about 500m to a way sign on the left into a bridleway. The sign on the five bar gate says Newells Rough. Watch out for way signs, they are a little hidden in the undergrowth. After about 200m, go right at a sign pointing downhill. There are some lovely views here, made better if there is a breeze and you can hear the wind in the trees. After about 750m, follow the path into a dip with a fenced bridge over a stream, then a short, steep uphill and down again.

(4) Ignore the way sign immediately after the stream on the left. Continue on the main path for another 200m. Turn right at a three-way sign. Ignore the way signed path on the right, carry on for 25m and take the path on the left at a three-way sign. After 50m, you come to an open area called Job’s Castle. Turn right at a three-way sign.

(5) The path now has a metaled surface and passes a pond on your left. Turn right at the lane junction (three-way sign). Follow the lane round to the left past houses on the left. Bear left at a three-way sign and stay on the track as it goes uphill. Continue straight uphill, signed ‘To Stables’

(6) At the top of the rise, bear left through a fence at a way sign. Go diagonally across the field, crossing the drive to the house to a five barred gate and stile. Go over the stile and follow the track downhill for 200m to Burnthouse Lane. Tum left for 300m, ignoring the first way sign on the left and continue to Northfield farm. Turn left along the field hedge. Go through a gap in the hedge and right at a four-way sign immediately. Cross the field diagonally towards a gap in the hedge. Follow the way signs and go diagonally across the next field, where you can see another gap in the hedge. The path continues through the woods for 150m, appearing at the top of a further field you will see a way sign 300m opposite, across the field.

(7) Cross the field to the sign and go across the footbridge into the woods. Climb up hill and then down through the woods. After 500m, you exit on to Cowfold’s Station Road opposite Saddlers and Potters Green.

Mig Cutbush