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Cowfold Community Improvement Plan


To help improve our village, the Parish Council is exploring the idea of a rolling three-year improvement plan to implement suitable projects put forward and managed by the residents of Cowfold. These can include the development of green spaces, new activities and amenities.


Most new housing developments in the village are subject to a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and some of this money is available for local infrastructure projects. The balance will be raised via the Parish Council Tax.

What you can do

Cowfold is a great place to live but have you ever thought how we could make it even better?

We would love to hear your ideas and feedback on what you think would most improve our village so that we can prioritise the ideas that bring the maximum benefit to the community.

Please submit your idea(s) (up to three ideas ranked by importance) using the form below by 31 March 2021, so that they can be considered at the May Parish Council meeting.

Don’t forget that your ideas would have to be cost effective for the village.

If you would like to talk to a Councillor about the proposals in any more detail, please email the Parish Clerk at and someone will come back to you.

To get your creative juices flowing, some of the ideas we’ve already received are:

  • Greening or re-wilding Cowfold
  • Outdoor gym on the playing field
  • Enhanced skate park
  • Pedestrian crossing and footpath on Bolney Road


Cowfold Community Project Ideas
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