Car Questionnaire

The feedback that we have already received from the community has indicated that many believe there is an issue with car parking in the village.

We would like to stipulate that any new developments have provision for sufficient car parking, this may need to be in excess of the WSCC guidelines. To determine the correct provision we need to be able to base our policies on relevant statistics.

Please help us, by completing this questionnaire (one per household) by 31st March 2018.

Cowfold Neighbourhood Plan - Cars

How many people are there in your household?

How many car drivers are there in your household (including learners)?

How many people in your household work or attend education outside the parish?

How many people in your household work or attend education inside the parish?

Tell us about the vehicles and car parking facilities in your household?

How many cars / vans do you park?

How many visitor spaces do you have?

For how many people in your household is the bus a viable option?

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This research represents a vital part of our information gathering for the Neighbourhood Plan. All data we collect is anonymised and the data will not be used to represent any single person’s opinions or views. The data is kept purely for the Neighbourhood Planning process and will not be used for any other purpose.